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  • Peter, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "As an Aldea resident, I recently closed on a Reverse Mortgage, the popular program which enables senior homeowners to convert part of their home equity into cash.  Acting upon recommendation of another party, I received outstanding support from John Ruybalid.  John handled the entire process with great diligence and professionalism.  I can highly recommend John to any Aldea resident who might like to consider a Reverse Mortgage."
  • Mary, Santa Fe, New Mexico "I would like to commend Mr. John Ruybalid for the outstanding and sensitive service he provided me during the several months we worked together while I was pursuing a Reverse Mortgage.  John's advice was always timely and so very knowledgeable.  I had the utmost confidence in his guidance every step of the way.  John was exceptionally kind and thoughtful toward my requirements, especially considering that I don't have a car, and he had to make several trips to my home.  John is an excellent representative of Gateway Mortgage Group, and he presents himself as the perfect ambassador of the Reverse Mortgage profession."
  • Lloyd, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "Just a short note to thank you for clueing me in on the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.  Receiving my specified amount lump sum and monthly checks has offered me a stress free life, and I still own my home with no monthly payments!!  I believe all seniors, like me, who own their home and have built up some equity should look into this excellent program so they may enjoy their 'Golden Years' with less stress on money matters.  Thanks again."
  • Michel & Ilona, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "Being able to work with John Ruybalid was a very pleasant and positive experience.  His knowledge, courtesy and professionalism made our venturing into the arcane mechanisms of reverse mortgages a successful experience for us.  We were able to achieve our goals with a very minimal amount of delays and paperwork.
    We would not hesitate to recommend John and his company to anyone considering a reverse mortgage."
  • Karon, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "The process of a reverse mortgage can feel nerve racking...however, working through the process with a well informed professional such as John Ruybalid made the steps feel less stressful.  John's kind and patient manner was key to my understanding and feeling comfortable with my decision, to seek a reverse mortgage.  This has given me peace of mind, knowing I have funds available if I need major repairs or other necessities."
  • Richard, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "The copy of the appraisal came, so thank you for that.  I'd also like to thank you for your service during the full process.  The reverse mortgage seemed to be a good instrument for me, and still feels right, day by day.  Working with you was easy and pleasant.  If the subject of reverse mortgages comes up with any of my friends, I will recommend you."

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