Loan Checklist

The following list of items has been compiled for your convenience. Please bring this information with you in order to expedite the processing of your reverse mortgage:

  • Picture ID  
  • Evidence of date of birth (birth certificate, driver's license, state issued ID)  
  • Proof of Social Security number (SS Card, Medicare Card, 1099 with SSN clearly stated)  
  •  Evidence of Homeowner's Insurance (Declarations page)  
  • Original signed and dated Counseling Certificate  
  • Credit or debit card for $550.00 to cover appraisal fee
  • If the property is in a trust: bring a copy of the Trust Agreement  
  • If you have filed bankruptcy within the last ten years: bring a copy of the Discharge of Bankruptcy  
  • Name, address and phone number of Alternative contact person(s)  
  • Copy of a deed or Owner's Policy of Title Insurance so that we have the legal description of your property  
  • If you have had any roof repairs done in the last few years, bring a copy of the repair invoice  
  • Boundary survey or Surveyor's Inspection Report (also called an Improvement Location Report or ILR)